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About Me!

In late December 2021, I established this uncommon houseplant blog to cover indoor houseplant care and propagation.

I grew to appreciate plants and how they can be used in interior design to transform a room and give it a homey feel.

I like buying plants and using them as decorations; I choose easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance plants that are aesthetically beautiful but not fussy! 

Speaking about my passion. I am very passionate about Education and the internet. I work per time online for a living.

Before this blog was created,  growing houseplants was what I love doing, and sharing it with people around me makes me happy.

I love to Propagate, grow and care for plants, that is what motivated my blogging career.

Working online all day has been so fun for me and I enjoy every bit of it. 

I’m still learning and open to learning, and I want to put all I have learned here.

Please give me feedback on any tips or plant you find out can be added to my list.

Outside blogging, I love sports, Gaming, reading and listing to music. 

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About Propellerd.com

Propellerd.com is the propeller of valuable information. Your go-to destination for all things related to house plants and delicious recipes


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