amazon gift card scam Or legit? Reviews 2023

amazon gift card scam Or legit? Reviews 2023
amazon gift card scam Or legit? Reviews 2023

Protecting Yourself from Amazon Gift Card Scams: What You Need to Know

Gift cards have become a go-to choice for presents and online shopping, offering convenience and flexibility. However, this popularity has also made them an attractive target for scammers. Recently, scams involving Amazon and gift cards have been on the rise. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into how these scams operate, the tactics scammers employ, and most importantly, how you can recognize and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

The Initial Contact: Setting the Trap

Every scam begins with the initial contact, where scammers attempt to engage their potential victims. When it comes to Amazon and gift card scams, scammers utilize various approaches:

Unsolicited Phone Calls

Scammers often impersonate support teams from well-known companies or even law enforcement agencies, claiming that there are issues with your accounts or devices.

Spoofed Phone Numbers

To appear more legitimate, scammers use spoofed phone numbers that mimic those of reputable organizations, making it difficult to distinguish them from real calls.

Phishing Emails

Scammers send phishing emails that appear to be from Amazon or, alerting recipients to supposed problems with their accounts, orders, or reservations.

Deceptive Online Ads and Listings

Online, scammers post deceptive ads, job listings, or offers that seem too good to be true, luring unsuspecting individuals into their web of deceit.

Regardless of the method used, scammers are adept at crafting compelling narratives designed to draw victims in before making their request for gift cards.

Fabricated Scenarios Requiring Payment

Once they have engaged their targets, scammers weave intricate, fabricated stories to extract gift card codes. These scenarios often include:

Technical Issues

Scammers claim that your computer is infected with malware or that your account has been compromised, insisting that you can only resolve the issue by providing gift card funds.

Unpaid Bills or Fees

Scammers threaten victims with fictitious legal or law enforcement actions, insisting that they must pay fines or bills using gift cards to avoid dire consequences.

Problems with Recent Orders or Purchases

Victims are told that there are issues with recent orders or purchases that can only be addressed by providing gift card codes.

Contests and Lotteries

Scammers inform their targets that they’ve won prizes or lotteries, but they must first pay taxes or fees using gift cards to claim their winnings.

In each scenario, scammers create a sense of urgency, pressuring victims to provide codes before they have time to think rationally.

Obtaining the Valuable Gift Card Codes

The ultimate goal for scammers is to obtain untraceable gift card codes. To achieve this, they:

Demand Immediate Action

Scammers insist that their offers are time-sensitive and that assistance will expire if gift card codes aren’t provided immediately.


They become impatient when victims hesitate, attempting to fluster them into hurried compliance.

Feigned Compassion

Using understanding tones, scammers manipulate victims emotionally to ensure their compliance.

Demand for More Gift Cards

If victims possess additional gift cards, scammers pressure them into purchasing more to “resolve” the supposed issues.

Once scammers obtain the gift card codes, they vanish with the funds, leaving victims frustrated, deceived, and financially harmed, with no way to recover their losses.

Common Scammer Personas

To sell their lies convincingly, scammers assume fake identities that appear trustworthy. These personas often include:

Tech Support Agents

These individuals sound knowledgeable about services, security, and account details.


Scammers impersonate law enforcement or tax officials, threatening severe consequences for non-compliance.

Company Employees

They claim to work for Amazon or, validating customer issues.

Friends or Relatives

Some scammers pretend to be a loved one in desperate need, exploiting victims’ emotional vulnerability.

Authentic-sounding scam personas increase the likelihood that victims will comply before recognizing any red flags.

Additional Elaborate Deception Tactics

Beyond their initial ruses and personas, scammers employ various deceptive tactics, including:

  • Crafting emails and texts with company logos to make interactions appear legitimate.
  • Requesting remote access to victims’ devices under the guise of tech support.
  • Impersonating multiple reputable brands to prevent victims from questioning the situation.
  • Falsifying documents to support their fabricated scenarios.
  • Coordinating with accomplices worldwide to rapidly liquidate stolen balances.

These elaborate deceptions underscore the illegality and harm inherent in these scams, making it crucial to avoid falling victim.

Recognizing Potential Scams

With an understanding of common scam tactics, potential scams become easier to identify. Watch out for warning signs such as:

  • Unsolicited contacts demanding sensitive information or upfront payments.
  • Refusal to verify claims or requests through official, branded websites.
  • Urgent scenarios that exclusively require gift cards as a solution, with no other alternatives.
  • Pressure to grant remote access to your device or rushing through verification steps.
  • Impersonation of multiple organizations without plausible explanations.
  • Inconsistencies and contradictions within the scammer’s narrative.

Remaining vigilant, taking the time to conduct independent research, and refusing to rush into decisions can help thwart scammers’ manipulations and safeguard your finances and peace of mind.

What To Do If Victimized

If, unfortunately, you fall victim to a scam, taking prompt and assertive actions remains crucial:

  • Contact the gift card issuer (such as Amazon or immediately to potentially halt thieves from spending stolen balances if you act quickly.
  • File a detailed police report, aiding ongoing investigations into active criminal rings and tracking patterns.
  • Inform friends and family about the scam details you encountered to serve as a warning against similar impersonations.
  • Change all potentially compromised passwords to protect your personal data.

Sharing your experience publicly can help raise awareness, preventing others from becoming victims of similar scams. Together, we can make it increasingly difficult for scammers to succeed.


Gift card scams targeting popular brands continue to evolve with increasingly subtle falsehoods. However, maintaining vigilance, spotting inconsistencies, conducting independent research, and rejecting rushed requests can significantly reduce these scams’ effectiveness. By sharing awareness of scammers’ tactics, we can minimize their ability to deceive unsuspecting targets, ultimately protecting countless individuals from falling victim to these small yet impactful thefts. Our collective actions make it increasingly challenging for scammers to thrive over time.

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amazon gift card scam Or legit? Reviews

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