awishday reviews 2023; is awishday scam or legit?

awishday reviews 2023; is awishday scam or legit?
awishday reviews 2023; is awishday scam or legit? Is It a Trustworthy Online Retailer?


In the vast world of online shopping, finding a reliable and reputable retailer is of utmost importance for consumers. One such retailer that has recently caught our attention is Added to the TrustedReviews directory on April 3, 2023, is an online platform that offers a range of products for purchase. However, before diving into any online shopping experience, it’s essential to conduct due diligence to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of the retailer. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at, examining the available information and key factors that may influence your decision to shop there.

The TrustedReviews Listing

Let’s begin by acknowledging the source of our information – TrustedReviews. is listed in the TrustedReviews directory, but as of now, there are no customer reviews available. This lack of reviews raises questions about the quality of products, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction when dealing with

No Customer Reviews: A Cause for Caution

One of the first things that prospective online shoppers look for is customer reviews. Reviews provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous customers. They offer information about product quality, shipping times, customer service responsiveness, and more. In the case of, the absence of customer reviews means that potential buyers are venturing into uncharted territory, unsure of what to expect.

Unverified Ownership Details

Another noteworthy aspect of’s listing on TrustedReviews is the unverified ownership details. TrustedReviews has not been able to confirm the ownership of, which suggests that the company has not claimed its business profile on the platform.

The Importance of Verified Ownership

Verified ownership is a crucial factor in establishing trust between an online retailer and its customers. When a company claims its business profile on a reputable platform, it demonstrates a level of transparency and commitment to providing accurate information. This transparency allows customers to reach out to the company if they encounter any issues, fostering a sense of security.

Limited Information on

While the listing on TrustedReviews provides some basic information about, there are notable gaps in the details provided.

What Does Sell?

One of the most fundamental pieces of information missing from the listing is a clear description of the types of products or categories offers. Without this information, potential customers are left wondering whether the retailer carries the items they are looking for.

Analyzing’s Website

When evaluating the legitimacy of an online retailer, it’s essential to examine the retailer’s website itself. The website can provide valuable clues about the retailer’s credibility. Let’s delve into some of the aspects of’s website that raise questions.

Lack of Key Sections’s website lacks crucial sections that are typically expected from a legitimate online retailer. Here are some notable omissions:

  • About Us/Company Info: There is no “About Us” section or any details regarding the ownership, location, or history of the company. This absence of information hinders customers’ ability to understand who they are dealing with.
  • Social Media/Third Party Links: Legitimate businesses often provide links to their social media profiles or connections to third-party platforms. These links can help customers verify the retailer’s authenticity and engage with them on various channels. In the case of, no such links are available.
  • Payment & Shipping Policies: Payment and shipping policies are essential for customers to understand how transactions are handled and when they can expect to receive their purchases. The absence of these policies leaves customers in the dark about crucial aspects of their shopping experience.
  • Contact Details: While a general contact form is provided, there are no phone numbers, physical addresses, or names of company representatives listed. This lack of direct contact information can be concerning for customers who may need assistance or have inquiries.

Limited Product Listings

Upon visiting’s website, one immediately notices a limited selection of products. Even more concerning is the absence of prices or detailed specifications for these products. This lack of information makes it challenging for potential customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Website Speed and Design

The overall performance of’s website raises concerns. The site loads slowly, and placeholder images are used. The minimal styling applied to the site contributes to an unprofessional appearance.

TrustedReviews Listing Policies

To better understand the significance of’s presence on TrustedReviews, it’s important to consider the listing policies maintained by the platform. TrustedReviews aims to provide consumers with helpful and authentic reviews while reducing the impact of fake or misleading feedback. These policies include:

  • Ownership Verification: TrustedReviews requires businesses to verify their ownership before claiming and managing their profiles on the platform. This verification process adds a layer of transparency and authenticity.
  • Monitoring for Fake Reviews: TrustedReviews actively monitors for fake or unnatural reviews that may mislead shoppers. This proactive approach helps maintain the integrity of the reviews featured on the platform.
  • Fact-Checking Company Details: The platform fact-checks company details against external sources, including domain registration records. This verification process ensures that the information presented is accurate.
  • Editorial Control: TrustedReviews maintains editorial control over listings and content published on the site. This control allows them to uphold their standards and provide reliable information to consumers.

Additional Research Insights

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of’s legitimacy and reputation, further research was conducted. Here are some key findings:

Domain History was registered in late 2022. There is no history of prior use of the domain name. While the registration date alone does not determine legitimacy, it is a factor to consider.

Social Media and Blog Mentions

No independent mentions, follows, or tagged posts related to were found across various social media networks or blogs. Established businesses often have a presence on social media platforms and engage with their audience.

External Reviews

No listings for were found on other reputable review sites. While a lack of external reviews is expected for a relatively new retailer, it contributes to the overall limited online footprint.

Business Registration

A search for the company name associated with did not yield any matches in legitimate business databases. The absence of a registered business entity may raise concerns about the retailer’s transparency.

WhoIs Lookup

The domain registration details for are masked through private registration, meaning that public ownership data for the company is not readily available.

Potential Risks to Consider

When evaluating an online retailer like, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks that customers may face. While these risks are hypothetical, they underscore the importance of conducting due diligence before making purchases:

  1. Credit Card/Personal Data Theft: Unauthorized or fraudulent websites may attempt to steal credit card information or personal data from unsuspecting customers.
  2. Receiving Poor-Quality or No Products: Customers who provide payment details may receive subpar products or nothing at all. The absence of transparent policies can make resolving such issues challenging.
  3. Inadequate Customer Support: Retailers with limited contact information may be unresponsive to customer inquiries or concerns.
  4. Company Disappearance: Some unverified online retailers may vanish without explanation, leaving customers without their purchases and no means of recourse.
  5. Phishing Attempts: Unsafe web listings can be used for phishing, where customers are deceived into providing sensitive information.

While these potential risks are not a definitive judgment of, they serve as a reminder of the importance of exercising caution when dealing with relatively unknown online retailers.

Seeking Additional Transparency

To build trust and credibility with potential customers, can take proactive steps to provide more information upfront. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Claim and Verify Business Profile: By claiming and verifying their business profile on TrustedReviews or similar platforms, can demonstrate transparency and openness.
  2. Populate Key Website Sections: Providing essential information in sections like “About Us,” payment and shipping policies, and contact details can reassure customers and address common queries.
  3. Register with Trust/Security Solutions: Displaying endorsements from third-party trust and security solutions can instill confidence in potential buyers.
  4. Publish Company Registration Details: Sharing information about company registration, team bios, and physical addresses can enhance transparency.
  5. Participate in Industry Forums/Groups: Actively engaging in industry-related forums and groups can help build familiarity and trust over time.
  6. Issue a Public Statement: Acknowledging a commitment to responsible practices and quality customer care can go a long way in reassuring potential customers.

Adhering to TrustedReviews Standards

While this evaluation does not definitively pass judgment on, it highlights areas where the retailer lacks essential elements that TrustedReviews aims to maintain through its listing policies. Upholding these protocols benefits both businesses and consumers:

  • Mitigating Risks of Fake Reviews: TrustedReviews’ commitment to verifying ownership and monitoring for fake reviews helps prevent manipulated comments that could influence perceptions.
  • Encouraging Due Process for New Ventures: Trust-building protocols encourage new businesses to undergo the due process of establishing their legitimacy.
  • Safeguarding Readers: TrustedReviews filters out entities that exhibit warning signs, thereby safeguarding readers from potentially risky interactions.
  • Incentivizing Accountability: Companies that value customer relationships and demonstrate accountability are more likely to gain the trust of potential buyers.
  • Facilitating Open Communication: Impartial review platforms like TrustedReviews provide a space for open communication as impartial observers authentically share brand stories.


In conclusion, the current assessment of’s online presence and its listing within the TrustedReviews directory raises several uncertainties that warrant caution from a consumer perspective. While no retailer should be prematurely judged without merit, the limited visibility into basic legitimacy assurances understandably raises doubts that require resolution.

The absence of customer reviews, verified ownership, meaningful website content disclosure, and third-party validation of credentials contribute to these uncertainties. When online accessibility anonymizes accountability on platforms facilitating exchanges, it is only natural for consumers to exercise prudence.

While further patience may lead to additional insights, it is incumbent upon to invest efforts in building baseline trustworthiness and credibility factors that consumers naturally expect today. Transparency, accountability, and responsible practices should shape their interactions with potential customers, fostering trust organically over time.

Instead of accusations, this is a call for cooperation. Claiming business listings and undergoing verification processes convey a willingness to be transparent, addressing uncertainties constructively. Populating basic website profiles, participating actively in the community, and issuing public statements of commitment serve the interests of all parties when initial impressions falter.

Adhering to established protocols exists not as a demand but as an opportunity to facilitate the ordinary comfort that arises organically through instituted safeguards. As continues its journey, balancing assertiveness with patience remains a wise policy, allowing authentic visions to take shape over time within structures that prioritize the well-being of all parties equally.

In summary, while dismissal of would be irresponsible, the current circumstances reasonably warrant waiting for further transparent participation and substantiation to occur, placing the established trust upon which any exchange relies at the forefront. Cooperation in alleviating present uncertainties most constructively advances understanding for all interested parties moving forward. Patience, as often demonstrated, proves to be the wisest policy when uncertainties linger.

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