BBNaija Phyna biography and life – Detailed

Meet Phyna – BBNaija Season 7 Winner 🌟🏆



Phyna, whose real name is Ijeoma Josephine Otabor, was a standout contestant in the “Level Up” edition of BBNaija Season 7 in 2022. The 25-year-old entertainer, known as the “Hype Priestess of Nigeria,” secured her victory as the official winner of the season, leaving a lasting impression on fans and fellow housemates.

The Hype Woman with a Difference 💃

Phyna, with her vibrant personality, assured fans that she entered the BBNaija house to make a difference. Her mission was to bring some “ginger and vibe” to the show, and her jovial nature endeared her to many. She joined BBNaija Season 7 alongside other personalities, including Elsoswag and more.


Field Information
Real Name/Nickname Ijeoma Josephine Otabor / Hype Priestess of Nigeria
Date of Birth 1997
Age 25
State of Origin Edo State
Occupation Hype Woman
Educational Qualification Graduate
Relationship Status Single
Instagram Handle @unusualphyna
Fan Base Phynation

The Hype Woman Extraordinaire 🎉

Phyna, hailing from Edo State, is a “Hype Woman” by profession. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “hype woman” is an enthusiastic and vocal supporter or promoter of people, groups, or events, often found at celebratory gatherings like weddings and birthdays.

Phyna’s Fiery Personality 🔥

Phyna describes herself as a “10” with a quick temper. Her short fuse was on display when she had a heated argument with fellow housemate Amaka. She can’t stand malice or gossip and says, “You can never gossip about someone to me.” She’s a go-getter who never backs down from a challenge, making her a formidable presence in the BBNaija house.

Survival of the Fittest 🏆

Phyna sums up her life as “Survival of the Fittest,” highlighting her resilience and determination.

Hobbies and Pet Peeves 🧡

One of Phyna’s unique talents and hobbies is repairing home appliances. On the flip side, she can’t stand fake people and has a strong aversion to gossip.

Love and Relationships 💔💏

Phyna has a bold stance on love, saying she doesn’t believe in it because “na Mumu dey love.” However, during her time in the BBNaija house, she became romantically involved with Groovy, and they are officially a couple now. Love sometimes has its way of surprising us, even the most “hard girl” individuals!


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