CoinW: A Comprehensive Review

CoinW: A Comprehensive Review
CoinW: A Comprehensive Review

CoinW: A Comprehensive Review

Cryptocurrency trading has gained immense popularity in recent years, and numerous exchanges have emerged to meet the growing demand for digital asset trading. CoinW, founded in 2017, is one such cryptocurrency exchange that has garnered attention. In this in-depth review, we will take a closer look at CoinW exchange, examining its features, trading conditions, fees, investment programs, user experience, and more based on extensive research and user feedback.

Introduction to CoinW

CoinW, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, has positioned itself as a prominent cryptocurrency exchange with a global reach. With claims of over 7 million users worldwide, it is undoubtedly one of the larger players in the crypto space. The exchange provides services to traders in over 120 countries and offers localized versions of its website in major languages, enhancing accessibility for a diverse user base.

CoinW primarily facilitates cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading, allowing users to exchange various digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Additionally, it offers derivatives trading in the form of cryptocurrency futures and options. CoinW goes beyond trading by providing staking and mining programs, allowing users to earn passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. The exchange offers multiple ways to access its platform, including a web-based trading terminal, integration with TradingView, and dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. CoinW distinguishes itself by offering not only trading services but also investment opportunities in early-stage crypto projects through its venture capital arm, CoinW Ventures.

Trading Conditions and Instruments

Let’s delve into the trading conditions and instruments available on CoinW:

Supported Markets: CoinW exclusively focuses on cryptocurrency markets, lacking support for fiat currencies or traditional financial instruments.

Available Pairs: The exchange boasts a wide selection of over 100 cryptocurrency trading pairs, including major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, as well as smaller altcoins. Additionally, it offers futures and options trading for select coins.

Order Types: CoinW supports fundamental order types such as market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders on its trading terminal.

Leverage: While cryptocurrency futures on CoinW provide leverage of up to 1:20, there is no leverage available for spot trading.

Deposits & Withdrawals: Users can fund their accounts through cryptocurrency transfers, with withdrawal fees varying depending on the cryptocurrency. CoinW maintains a low minimum deposit requirement of just 0.001 BTC, making it accessible to users with small accounts. However, advanced order types like trailing stops are not available for automated profit-taking.

In summary, CoinW offers a limited selection of markets focused solely on cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, it provides a diverse range of tradable instruments and order types suitable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders.

Fees and Commissions

Understanding the fees associated with an exchange is crucial for traders. Let’s break down the fees charged by CoinW:

Maker-Taker Fees: CoinW imposes a 0.2% trading fee for both makers (liquidity providers) and takers (liquidity consumers). This fee decreases progressively as trading volumes increase.

Withdrawal Fees: Withdrawal fees range from 0.001 to 0.05 BTC, depending on the cryptocurrency being withdrawn. These fees generally fall below the industry average.

Inactivity/Dormancy Fees: CoinW does not impose any fees for account inactivity, providing flexibility to users.

Deposit Fees: There are no deposit fees for funding your account through cryptocurrency transfers.

Futures/Options Fees: Additional premiums and commissions apply to futures and options markets.

Compared to many leading exchanges, CoinW’s 0.2% base trading fee and absence of account maintenance charges make it competitive for traders with lower volumes.

Investment & Earning Programs

CoinW offers various investment and earning opportunities, enhancing its appeal to users looking to maximize their cryptocurrency holdings:

Crypto Staking Pools: CoinW provides staking pools that allow users to stake and earn rewards on cryptocurrencies such as DOT, ADA, and ETH.

Cloud Mining: Users can purchase mining contracts for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, earning a portion of block rewards.

Lending/Earnings: CoinW enables users to lend their cryptocurrencies to the exchange and earn interest. Interest rates typically range from 5% to 15%, depending on market conditions.

CoinW Ventures: Accredited investors have the opportunity to participate in funding early-stage crypto and blockchain startups through this equity investment program.

Affiliate Program: Traders can earn commissions, up to 1 USDT per referred user’s trade, by referring others to the platform.

These value-added services make CoinW an attractive choice for users looking to generate additional yield from their cryptocurrency holdings beyond trading.

Platform and Security

The trading platform and security measures play a crucial role in users’ experiences and their confidence in an exchange:

Web Platform: CoinW offers its own web-based trading terminal, which, while feature-rich, receives mixed reviews from traders. There is room for improvement in making the platform more beginner-friendly.

Mobile Apps: Dedicated Android and iOS apps are available for users who prefer to manage their crypto portfolios and trade on the go.

API Access: CoinW provides public WebSocket and REST API access for users interested in building trading bots and integrations.

2-Factor Authentication: To enhance security, CoinW supports both Google Authenticator and SMS verification, adding an extra layer of protection to user accounts.

Data Security: The exchange claims to utilize bank-grade infrastructure and undergo regular security audits to safeguard user funds and information.

Insurance Coverage: Unfortunately, there is no official information available regarding any insurance coverage in the event of hacks or exchange closures.

While CoinW’s security practices align with industry standards, the absence of insurance coverage for users’ cryptocurrency deposits is a notable drawback, particularly when compared to major regulated exchanges.

User Experience and Support

The quality of user experience and support services significantly impacts a user’s perception of an exchange:

User Interface: While the trading terminal’s user interface offers a range of features, it receives mixed reviews and could benefit from improvements to cater to beginners.

Support Channels: CoinW offers support through online help center articles, Telegram, and Twitter DMs. However, there have been complaints about slow response times and account restrictions without clear explanations.

Community Engagement: An active Reddit community provides a platform for users to discuss CoinW. However, it’s essential to note that this community is not officially affiliated with the exchange.

Educational Resources: CoinW’s website offers basic tutorials and guides to assist new users in understanding the fundamentals of crypto trading.

Regional Support: While the exchange’s website is available in multiple languages, support services appear to be primarily focused on English, Chinese, and Korean.

Account Recovery: Users have raised concerns about a poor password recovery process and the lack of phone support, which can impact account security.

In summary, while CoinW boasts a substantial user base, there is room for improvement in terms of user support services, especially across different languages and regions.

Regulation & Transparency

The regulatory compliance of an exchange is a critical aspect that influences user trust and security:

Jurisdiction: CoinW is registered and licensed to operate in the British Virgin Islands, which provides a degree of regulatory oversight.

KYC Requirement: The exchange follows basic Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, verifying the identity documents of users based on their account activity levels.

AML Policies: CoinW claims to have adequate anti-money laundering measures in place. However, specific details regarding these measures are not publicly disclosed.

Audits & Disclosures: Unlike regulated exchanges, CoinW does not publish independent financial audits of its cold wallets or terms related to reserves.

Legal Recourse: As a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, users may have limited legal recourse in their home countries in case of losses due to the exchange.

Tax Compliance: CoinW does not collect or share user transaction data with local tax authorities, leaving users responsible for their tax compliance.

In summary, while CoinW complies with fundamental global standards, its unregulated status results in a lack of transparency typically expected from well-established exchanges in regulated regions.

User Reviews and Ratings Analysis

To gain insights into the real user experience on CoinW, it’s essential to analyze reviews and ratings on major third-party review sites:

Trustpilot Ratings

On Trustpilot, CoinW has received a poor rating of 1.5 stars out of 5, based on over 1600 reviews. The majority of negative reviews highlight issues such as:

  • A challenging verification process that holds funds for weeks or even months.
  • Trades not executing or closing at incorrect prices without compensation.
  • Slow response times to support tickets and emails, as well as account restrictions without clear explanations.
  • Delays and issues with funds reflecting in user accounts or withdrawals getting stuck.

These Trustpilot reviews collectively indicate that many users have encountered operational or customer service problems with CoinW.

Reddit Discussion Analysis

Reddit discussions related to CoinW also reflect a mixed sentiment. While some users praise CoinW’s staking rates, the predominant discussions revolve around problems such as:

  • Allegations of CoinW’s team deliberately ignoring or banning users who raise concerns.
  • Exchange glitches leading to account locks, missing deposits, or problematic withdrawals.
  • Reports of negative trades mysteriously appearing and draining users’ cryptocurrency holdings overnight.

This analysis of Reddit discussions further validates the issues highlighted in Trustpilot reviews as real challenges faced by CoinW users.

Other Review Channels

Major third-party review sites like CryptoCompare and ExchangeRates echo similar problems reported by users on Trustpilot and Reddit. These problems primarily revolve around technical glitches, subpar support quality, and withdrawals being restricted without clear explanations, negatively impacting user funds and experiences.

In summary, publicly available feedback from actual users across multiple review platforms paints a concerning picture of frequent operational and customer service issues with CoinW. These issues raise doubts about the exchange’s reliability.

TU Rating and Experts’ Recommendations

TradersUnion (TU), a prominent independent broker review website, has also assessed and rated CoinW based on various parameters. Here are the key highlights:

  • CoinW receives a below-average rating of 3.49 out of 10 on TU’s comprehensive evaluation system, which considers approximately 100+ objective parameters.
  • It is ranked 50th among the top 199 cryptocurrency exchanges reviewed by TU, indicating lower reliability and user satisfaction compared to other platforms.


In conclusion, CoinW exchange, while claiming a substantial user base and offering a range of services, faces significant challenges related to customer support, operational reliability, and transparency. The exchange’s poor user ratings on Trustpilot, Reddit, and other review channels suggest that many users have experienced issues with verification processes, trade executions, and support responsiveness.

Moreover, the absence of transparent financial audits and insurance coverage for users’ cryptocurrency deposits is a notable concern when compared to major regulated exchanges. While CoinW complies with basic global standards, its unregulated status limits transparency.

Given the issues highlighted in user reviews and expert assessments, individuals interested in using CoinW should exercise caution and carefully consider the risks associated with trading and holding assets on the platform. It is advisable to explore alternative cryptocurrency exchanges with stronger user feedback and a track record of reliable service. As with any financial endeavor, conducting thorough research and due diligence is crucial to making informed decisions in the cryptocurrency space.

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CoinW: A Comprehensive Review

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