Dive into App.thesalt.co.za: Can You Really Earn Money?

Dive into App.thesalt.co.za: Can You Really Earn Money?
Dive into App.thesalt.co.za: Can You Really Earn Money?

Dive into App.thesalt.co.za: Can You Really Earn Money? 💰📱

Uncovering App.thesalt.co.za’s Earning Potential

App.thesalt.co.za claims to be an online influencer marketing platform where South African users can make money by promoting brand campaigns. But does it live up to the promise? Let’s take a closer look at what this platform has to offer and whether it’s a legitimate opportunity.

Peeking into App.thesalt.co.za

This platform, supposedly owned by The Salt, an initiative of the South African media group Nfinity, connects users with well-known brands for marketing campaigns. The basic idea is that users can earn rewards by promoting sponsored content to their social networks.

How App.thesalt.co.za Works 🤔

Getting started with App.thesalt.co.za is a breeze and can be done online in a matter of minutes. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. Users choose a monthly savings amount to be the basis of their virtual “loan.”
  2. An automatic payment method like bank account debit is used for on-time payments each month.
  3. Loqbox reports payments to credit bureaus, building credit history over time.
  4. Once the savings target is met, the accumulated amount is released to the user.

Pros and Cons of App.thesalt.co.za 💪🤨

App.thesalt.co.za offers an intriguing concept, but it comes with its own set of pros and cons.


  • It provides users with a unique and interest-free way to build credit.
  • No credit history is required to get started.
  • Savings accumulate over the 12-month program, offering an extra financial benefit.


  • Users might experience a dip in their credit initially.
  • There is no interest earned on the accumulated savings balance.
  • A fee of $40 applies if users want to withdraw their funds outside the platform.

Alternatives to App.thesalt.co.za 🤔

While App.thesalt.co.za has its merits, there are alternatives worth considering, depending on your credit profile and goals.


  • Self Lender, a similar installment-based credit builder.
  • Credit builder loans offered by some banks and credit unions.
  • Secured credit cards, if you’re willing to make a security deposit.
  • Authorized user accounts, where you can piggyback on someone else’s good credit.
  • Rent and utility reporting services that report your payments to credit bureaus.
  • Credit Karma Savings, a high-yield savings account that helps build credit through daily spending.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤷‍♀♂️

Here are answers to some common questions about App.thesalt.co.za based on the information provided:

Can I cancel Loqbox early and keep my savings?

Yes, early redemption is permitted without penalty fees applied.

How quickly does Loqbox get reported to the bureaus?

Payments post to all three credit bureaus on a monthly basis.

What’s the approval process like?

No credit check or denial risk involved—simply pick a monthly savings amount after verifying identity.

Is my money secure with Loqbox?

Yes, funds are held in FDIC-insured custodial accounts separate from Loqbox’s operations.

Do I need good credit to join?

No minimum credit score requirements exist – Loqbox is meant to help those new to credit or working on repairing their reports.

Are there any late fees?

Late or missed payments will incur late fees set at $15 by Loqbox and negatively impact credit scores.

In Summary 🤓

App.thesalt.co.za offers a unique approach to building credit without interest. While it comes with its own set of pros and cons, it’s an option worth considering for those looking to strengthen their credit profiles in a different way.

Conclusion 💡

In summary, while the idea behind App.thesalt.co.za is interesting, its review raises some valid concerns that increase the risk for potential new users. Chief among these is a troubling lack of transparency and independently verifiable details about important aspects of how App.thesalt.co.za actually works. Transparency eliminates uncertainty, and financial platforms should prioritize that. 🧐💡💸

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