FG – Nigerians no longer trust the leaders they elect

Restoring Trust in Nigeria’s Leadership 🇳🇬💔

A Growing Crisis of Confidence 😟

The Federal Government of Nigeria has taken note of a troubling issue: a significant number of Nigerians are losing trust in their elected leaders. This loss of confidence is causing concern among the authorities.

A Call for National Dialogue 🗣️🤝

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has highlighted the erosion of the concepts of nationhood and patriotism in the country. In response, President Bola Tinubu has charged the minister with the task of initiating a program to rebuild these crucial values.

Rekindling Belief in Nigeria 🌟🇳🇬

The government is on a mission to reignite the flame of belief in Nigeria. This involves rebuilding the shattered trust in leadership, the concept of discipline, and patriotism among Nigerians. It’s about rekindling the spirit of nationhood that the founding fathers envisioned.

In the face of skepticism, a renewed sense of unity and faith in the nation is the goal. 🤞🏛️🔥


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