google play gift card scam or legit? reviews and complaints 2023

google play gift card scam or legit? reviews and complaints 2023
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Protecting Yourself from Google Play Gift Card Scams: What You Need to Know


In today’s digital age, scams that prey on unsuspecting victims and their hard-earned money have become all too common. One such scam gaining traction involves conning people into providing their Google Play gift card codes under false pretenses. In this post, we will take a deep dive into how these Google Play gift card scams work, common variations of the scam, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself from falling victim.

How the Scam Works

At its core, the Google Play gift card scam relies on convincing the target that they need to provide their gift card codes to solve some sort of problem or issue. Here are some of the most common ways scammers try to trick people:

Fake Tech Support Calls

One version involves receiving a call from someone claiming to work for a well-known tech company like Google, Microsoft, or Apple. The scammer will claim that your account has been compromised or viruses have been detected on your device. In order to “fix” the problem, they insist you need to purchase Google Play gift cards and provide them with the pin codes. Of course, once they have the codes, the scammer disappears, and the supposed issues were never real in the first place.

Spoofed Calls from Agencies

Another trick is spoofing calls to make it appear they are coming from legitimate government agencies or companies you’ve interacted with before. Scammers may claim to be from the IRS stating you owe back taxes that need to be paid with gift cards. Or they’ll pretend to be from a utility company insisting past due bills can only be paid with gift cards. Always be suspicious of unsolicited calls demanding sensitive information or payments.

Fake Online Surveys/Contests

On the internet, scammers entice people into fake online surveys or contests with the promise of gift cards as a prize. However, in order to “qualify” for the reward, victims are led to believe they need to first provide their gift card codes to “verify” their identity. No legitimate company would ever require you to purchase something upfront to receive a supposed reward or refund.

Delivery/Shipping Issues

A sneaky variation involves pretending a package couldn’t be delivered, or was returned to sender due to an “issue” with your billing information. The scammer claims in order to re-ship the package you need to first pay some additional minor fee using Google Play gift cards. Needless to say, no real delivery is ever coming and the victim loses their gift card funds.

Variations of the Scam

While the core elements remain the same, scammers are always finding new angles to convince people to hand over their gift card codes. Here are a few other common variations of the Google Play gift card scam:

Remote Access Scam

In this version, the scammer convinced their target to download remote access software like TeamViewer which allows the scammer to view the victim’s computer screen. With access granted, the scammer then fabricates fraudulent error messages and system alerts to convince the victim critical issues require solving with Google Play gift cards.

Family Emergency Scam

Pretending to be a family member in an emergency situation, the scammer begs for help in the form of Google Play gift cards. They claim things like being in the hospital without ID or having been robbed abroad without cash or credit cards. The distraught victim, concerned for their loved one, provides the gift card info not realizing it’s actually a heartless con artist on the other end of the line.

Threatening Legal/Law Enforcement Action

Among the cruelest angles of the scam, fraudsters leverage threats of arrest, law suits, deportation or other legal troubles to scare victims into complying. They invent lies about past due court fees, unpaid taxes, or suspected criminal activity that require settling immediately with Google Play gift cards. The threat of potential legal consequences is meant to override any rational thinking.

How to Spot and Avoid the Scam

Now that we understand the techniques scammers use, recognizing a Google Play gift card scam should be easier. But prevention remains key. Here are some important guidelines that could save you from becoming a victim:

Never Provide Gift Card Info to Unverified Callers

No legitimate organization will ever demand to be paid via retail gift cards. Whether by phone, email, text or other means – avoid giving sensitive info to untrusted sources you did not initiate contact with.

Research Before Acting on Any Threats

If threatened with legal or other serious consequences, do not panic. Look up official contact information for the supposed agency online and verify any claims made before acting. Scammers rely on provoking rash, emotional responses vs rational thinking.

Don’t Interact Remotely Without Research

Never install remote access software or provide computer/device controls without thoroughly researching the reason, verifying the requestor’s identity, and understanding potential security risks upfront.

Be Cautious of Prizes/Windfalls Requiring Purchase

If something seems too good to be true (like winning a major prize without entering), it likely isn’t true. Real organizations don’t ask participants buy anything in order to receive winnings.

Ignore Unsolicited Calls, Emails and Messages

Unless expecting a call/response, disregard any correspondence from unknown senders making requests or demands. Scammers spoof caller IDs and correspondence to appear legit so trust no one who initiates contact unsought.

Verify Via Independent Sources

Rather than relying on the scammer’s claims alone, look up contact info for companies they reference independently. You can Google things like “official [company] phone number” to verify details without using info provided by the potential scammer directly.

Know You Can’t Reverse Gift Card Purchases

Once the gift card codes are given out, the associated funds cannot be recovered. This permits scammers to vanish without consequence once they’ve obtained the desired info from unwitting targets.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed

Unfortunately, being targeted does not preclude potentially falling victim before realizing it was a scam. If you’ve provided your gift card codes, here are some steps to consider:

Contact Gift Card Issuer Immediately

For Google Play cards, contact Google support at your earliest opportunity to report codes as possibly compromised. Remaining funds may be recoverable if reported quickly.

File a Police Report

Even if unable to get funds back directly, filing a report creates an official record of the crime committed against you. Ongoing reports help law enforcement better track scammers and their evolving tactics.

Warn Others If You Can

If details are known, consider sharing your experience as a warning to friends and family through social media. Your story may spare others from becoming victims themselves in the future.

Change Passwords/Security on Accounts

While scammers likely only wanted gift card codes, take precautions by updating passwords on any accounts the codes were intended for just in case other info was compromised without you realizing.

Don’t Feel Ashamed and Keep Your Guard Up

These scams are intentionally designed to exploit human tendencies towards trust. While upsetting to experience, try not to dwell in shame. Learn from it and help spread awareness so others can avoid similar situations.

Final Thoughts

Targeting fellow human beings through deception and manipulation purely for financial gain is unethical, harmful and illegal. While avoiding becoming victims ourselves is important, collectively fighting fraud also means society must create less opportunity for such criminal behavior to succeed and victimize others. With continued vigilance and sharing of crucial safety information, together hopefully one day fewer people will fall prey to scams like those involving Google Play gift cards.

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google play gift card scam or legit? reviews and complaints

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