“He get fame but no money” – Reactions as Portable’s ex-signee, Yung Duu spotted buying N700 food at Mama Put

Yung Duu’s Humble Food Adventure: A Taste of Mama Put 🍽️💰


Former Zeh Nation signee, Yung Duu, is making headlines for a rather unexpected reason. He was spotted indulging in some street food, worth N700, at a local eatery fondly known as “Mama Put.”

From Stardom to Street Food 🎤➡️🍚

It’s a remarkable journey for Yung Duu, who previously had a record deal with Zeh Nation. Unfortunately, his contract was terminated due to issues of negligence and underwhelming performance. His car was even confiscated by his former boss, Portable.


The Unmasked Encounter 🎭📸

In a video that quickly went viral, Yung Duu tried to maintain a low profile, donning a mask and purchasing a plate of street food. Despite his attempt at disguise, he couldn’t escape the gaze of curious onlookers, who recognized him. Eventually, he gave up on avoiding the camera.

Concern and Hope from Fans 🙏🤔🌟

Fans and bystanders had mixed reactions to this sight. Some expressed concern for Yung Duu’s well-being, while others shared hope for his future. They firmly believe that he will rise above this challenging phase and find success once more.

This video and Yung Duu’s journey serve as a reminder that the road to success is often filled with twists and turns, and fame doesn’t always guarantee financial stability. 🎤🌟🙌

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