“I almost blew a gasket” – Kate Henshaw tackles Enioluwa, others

Kate Henshaw’s Punctuality Plea 🕒💬

“I almost blew a gasket” – Kate Henshaw tackles Enioluwa, others

Frustration with Latecomers

Popular Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw recently voiced her frustration with a concerning trend in the entertainment industry—punctuality issues, particularly among her younger colleagues. She didn’t hold back in expressing her discontent.

Latecomers Seeking the Spotlight 🌟

In a video, Henshaw shared her observations about late arrivals, mentioning the case of “Eni” and others who arrived tardy yet confidently claimed front-row seats at the All Stars Inter House Sports event. This behavior didn’t sit well with the actress.

The Essence of Being On Time ⏰

Kate Henshaw is a strong advocate for punctuality. To drive her point home, she drew a parallel to the well-known biblical parable of the ten virgin women. She underlined the fundamental importance of showing up on time.

Respect and Credibility 💼🔑

For Henshaw, being late goes beyond inconvenience. It signifies a lack of respect for others and has a detrimental impact on one’s credibility. Late arrivals disrupt effective communication and can lead to others not taking what you say seriously.

A Heartfelt Plea to Young Colleagues 🙏

With passion and conviction, Kate Henshaw made a heartfelt plea to her younger colleagues in the industry. She urged them to reflect on their behavior and stressed the importance of arriving on time, especially when significant matters are at stake. “Why are you late?” she questioned, emphasizing that punctuality is key.

Her message is clear: Let’s be on time and show respect for one another. 🗣️🌟



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