“I just want to help him” What cute Abiola said after he this for mohbad’s father today- See reactions

Mixed Reactions to Cute Abiola’s Gift 🎁

Cute Abiola’s recent act of kindness in gifting Mohbad’s father a Lexus Jeep has stirred up a potpourri of responses from the public. Here’s a snapshot of how people are feeling:

The Positive Side 😇

  • realonomski: While some are hailing the skitmaker’s generosity, others are raising questions about the timing of this gift.
  • deleoludiji: Some firmly believe that Mohbad’s dad is more than deserving of the luxury car, especially in contrast to the absence of the mother.
  • made_in_heaven_wears2: From another perspective, there’s a notion that Mohbad’s father desired this gift, with less emphasis on seeking justice for his son.
  • its_eddyjay: For some, the focus is on the luxury car given, rather than empowering the dreams of the late musician.

The Middle Ground 🤷‍♂️

  • peg_gyprisca: There are concerns about maintenance costs, but an argument arises that if the father can’t maintain it, he has the option to sell it.

The Critical Voices 😕

  • klinsoul_escobar: There’s skepticism about the practicality of this gift, with suggestions that gathering funds for education might have been a more practical route.

This heartfelt gesture from Cute Abiola has ignited a spectrum of opinions, from those who appreciate the kindness to others questioning the suitability and potential financial implications. For a deeper dive into these reactions.

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