is aimtoget legit or scam? Detailed review and complaint

is aimtoget legit or scam? Detailed review and complaint
is aimtoget legit or scam? Detailed review and complaint

is aimtoget legit or scam?

It’s essential to tread carefully and do your research before trusting any service. One platform that has gained attention in recent years is Aimtoget. Aimtoget is an online marketplace that allows users to convert mobile airtime to cash and perform various airtime-related transactions. But the burning question is, is Aimtoget legit or is it a scam? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Aimtoget to determine its trustworthiness and legitimacy.

What is Aimtoget and What Services Does it Provide?

Founded in 2020, Aimtoget has positioned itself as a versatile platform catering to a range of airtime-related financial needs in Nigeria. Here’s a breakdown of the key services it offers:

Airtime Conversion

  • Users can convert unused airtime credit from networks like MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile into cash deposited into their bank accounts.

Airtime Top Ups

  • The platform allows topping up airtime credit on various networks using debit cards or bank transfers.

Bill Payments

  • Bills from utility companies like PHCN can be paid directly from the Aimtoget e-wallet.

Wallet Transfers

  • Funds in the Aimtoget e-wallet can be transferred to other users on the platform.

SMS Advertising

  • Marketers can purchase bulk SMS credits to send promotional messages via the Aimtoget platform.

The platform is available as both a mobile app for Android/iOS devices as well as a full-fledged website accessible on any modern browser. Aimtoget markets itself as a fast, secure, and reliable platform for all airtime-related financial needs in Nigeria.

How Does Aimtoget Work?

The basic process of using Aimtoget is quite straightforward:

1. Sign Up

  • Users must register for a free Aimtoget account by providing basic KYC details.

2. Fund Wallet

  • The e-wallet can be funded by transferring money from linked bank accounts or debit cards.

3. List Airtime

  • Users list available airtime credit for sale at a discount along with their preferred payment method.

4. Purchase Airtime

  • Other users can browse listings and purchase airtime directly, which gets added to their wallets.

5. Request Payout

  • Sellers can request payouts of airtime sale proceeds to any linked bank account.

6. Top Ups & Payments

  • Wallet balance can be used for mobile top-ups, bill payments, money transfers, and more.

7. Customer Support

  • Dedicated phone/email customer care is available for assistance regarding any issues.

Overall, the process emphasizes quick, convenient access to an e-commerce marketplace for all airtime-based financial transactions in Nigeria.

Is Aimtoget Legitimate or a Scam?

Now that we understand what Aimtoget is and how it works, let’s evaluate the key factors to determine its legitimacy:


  • Aimtoget has been operational since 2020 with no public reports of fraud or scams involving the company. It maintains transparent policies regarding KYC, payments, and customer support.

User Sentiment

  • Online reviews from real users paint a positive picture, praising the platform for its fast, secure services. Negative feedback primarily involves minor glitches rather than ulterior motives.

Ownership & Contacts

  • While the founders prefer to remain anonymous for security, the company details, addresses, and all legal documents check out without red flags.

Security Measures

  • The website and app use SSL encryption with no history of data/security breaches. Strong account security features like two-factor authentication are also in place.

Payment Fulfillment

  • Hundreds of submitted payment proofs on community forums/reviews suggest airtime sale proceeds and wallet transactions are duly processed within the promised timeframes.

Licenses & Registrations

  • Aimtoget holds all applicable licenses from the CBN and other Nigerian regulatory bodies to legally operate such a fintech business in the country.

So while complete transparency about ownership is lacking, all other legitimizing factors point to Aimtoget being a trustworthy platform for its stated services. Proper funds security, reliable payments, and strong user growth over the years cement its legitimacy.

Alternatives to Aimtoget

While Aimtoget appears fully legitimate, it’s always good practice to explore alternatives for comparison. Two very popular competition options for similar services include:


  • One of the largest airtime marketplace platforms in Nigeria and Ghana, Prestmit focuses exclusively on instant exchange of airtime for cash/crypto and vice-versa. It boasts higher payment speeds, more transparent policies, and industry-leading security features.

Airtel Money

  • The financial arm of telco Airtel, it allows you to top up accounts, send/receive money, and directly withdraw earned airtime commissions to your bank account – cutting out third parties. However, rates may not be as competitive.

Both these platforms have gained widespread trust in the fintech space over the past few years through reliability, innovations, and fully doxxed ownership details. While Aimtoget gets the job done just as effectively, Prestmit and Airtel Money offer more transparency for safer long-term usage.

Final Thoughts

Based on our extensive analysis of Aimtoget’s services, operations, policies, user reviews, and alternatives, we can confidently say it does seem to be a legit and trustworthy platform for purchasing and selling airtime online in Nigeria. The lack of public scams or fraud reports along with proper licensing and security suggests users’ funds and data are reasonably safe on the platform.

Of course, deeper ownership transparency could offer better peace of mind. But unless any cracks begin to show in its execution or regulator actions, Aimtoget appears to deliver on its value proposition well without apparent ulterior motives. Early signs of reliability also bode well for its continuity. Overall, it can be used safely for intended airtime-based financial transactions.

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is aimtoget legit or scam
is aimtoget legit or scam

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