Is Bloomef Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints – Propellerd review

Is Bloomef Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints – Propellerd review
Is Bloomef Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints – Propellerd review

Bloomef .com: Exposing the Deceptive Online Store – Propellerd review

The internet has brought us convenience in many forms, from shopping to entertainment. However, it has also given rise to fraudulent websites that aim to deceive unsuspecting consumers. One such website that has recently come under scrutiny is In this article, we will delve into the world of, its deceptive practices, and how to spot and avoid such online scams.

What is presents itself as an online store offering a variety of items at incredibly low prices. On the surface, it may appear to be a bargain-hunter’s dream, but in reality, it operates as a scam website. The primary goal of is to deceive customers by either sending them counterfeit or subpar products or not delivering anything at all.

Identifying the Scam: Red Flags

Recent Establishment

One of the telltale signs of a fraudulent online platform is its recent establishment. fits this description, as it’s a common trait of short-lived online scams that swiftly disappear once they’ve achieved their nefarious goals.

Lack of Contact Information

Legitimate online stores provide various ways to reach out to them, such as a telephone number, physical address, or a real-time chat option., on the other hand, makes it challenging for customers to address issues or inquiries by lacking such contact options.

Fake Business Information

To add to the deception, offers no authentic details about the enterprise behind the online platform. This lack of transparency should raise immediate concerns about the legitimacy of the website.

Unrealistic Discounts and Promotions entices shoppers with exaggerated discounts and promotions. Prices are slashed by over 70% or even 90%, which is a clear indicator of a scam. If a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Plagiarized Content

To appear legitimate, copies product images and descriptions from well-established e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress. This lack of originality not only reflects poorly on the website but also raises doubts about the authenticity of its products.

Lack of Social Media Presence

Despite claiming to offer trendy and chic products, is conspicuously absent from social media platforms. Genuine online stores typically have a strong online presence and engage with customers through social networking platforms.

Absence of Genuine Customer Feedback

Perhaps the most damning evidence against is the complete absence of genuine customer feedback. Reports from customers who have fallen victim to this scam include complaints of delayed or undelivered orders, unresponsive customer service, receipt of faulty or incorrect products, refund difficulties, and unauthorized charges on credit cards.

Is Legitimate and Reliable?

In no uncertain terms, is neither legitimate nor reliable. The numerous red flags mentioned above, combined with reports of deceptive practices, make it clear that this website should not be trusted. Customers who have interacted with have experienced receiving counterfeit products or have faced significant difficulties in obtaining refunds or even making contact with the company.

What to Do If You Have Shopped on

If you have made the unfortunate mistake of making a purchase on, here are the steps you should take:

1. Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution

If you paid for your order with a credit card or debit card, contact your bank or financial institution immediately. Request that they cancel the transaction and initiate a refund. Additionally, report as a fraudulent website and ask your bank to block any future charges from it.

2. Change Your Passwords

If you have an account on or use the same password for other online accounts, change your passwords promptly. Consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security to protect against hackers who may try to access your accounts and steal personal information.

3. Beware of Phishing Emails

Be cautious of phishing emails related to your order. Treat any emails offering discounts or refunds as potential phishing attempts. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments that could contain malware. Delete such emails immediately to protect your personal information.

4. Use a Content Blocker

To prevent exposure to malicious ads, Trojans, phishing attempts, and other undesirable content while browsing, consider using a browser-based content blocker like AdGuard. This will complement your antivirus software and provide enhanced protection.

5. Scan Your Device for Malware

If you suspect that your device may be infected with malware as a result of interacting with, scan it using reputable anti-malware software such as Gridinsoft Anti-Malware to ensure your security.

Trusting Customer Reviews or Testimonials on

In the case of, it’s crucial to note that the website does not feature genuine customer feedback or testimonials. The absence of legitimate customer reviews further underscores its lack of trustworthiness and suggests a potentially fraudulent nature.

In conclusion, is a prime example of an online scam designed to deceive and defraud unsuspecting consumers. It’s essential to remain vigilant when shopping online and to be aware of the red flags that signal potential scams. By staying informed and taking proactive measures, we can protect ourselves and others from falling victim to deceptive websites like It’s a cautionary tale in an era where online scams are on the rise, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and skepticism in the digital marketplace.

Summary stands out as a deceptive website, masquerading as a legitimate online store while engaging in fraudulent practices. It allures unsuspecting shoppers with enticingly low prices, but beneath this facade lie numerous red flags that reveal its true nature. is a newly established website, a common characteristic of short-lived online scams. It provides no reliable means of contact and lacks transparency regarding its business details. The discounts and promotions it offers are unrealistically steep, a clear indicator of deceptive practices. The website plagiarizes content from established e-commerce platforms and has no presence on social media, further eroding its credibility. Most concerning is the complete absence of genuine customer feedback, with reports of delayed or undelivered orders, unresponsive customer service, and refund difficulties. is unequivocally neither legitimate nor reliable. Victims of this scam should promptly contact their bank, change passwords, and exercise caution against phishing attempts. Trusting customer reviews or testimonials on is ill-advised due to their absence. In conclusion, serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with online shopping and emphasizes the importance of vigilance and skepticism in the digital marketplace.

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Is Bloomef Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints - Propellerd review
Is Bloomef Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints – Propellerd review

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