Is Legit or a Scam? A Detailed Review 23

Is Legit or a Scam? A Detailed Review 23
Is Legit or a Scam? A Detailed Review 23

Is Legit or a Scam? A Detailed Review, an online retailer specializing in sports apparel and equipment, has garnered the attention of consumers. But the question remains: Is a legitimate website or potentially a scam? In this in-depth review, we will examine various indicators and data points to shed light on the legitimacy of

WOT Trust Rating |

Let’s start with the Web of Trust (WOT), a browser extension that allows users to rate websites based on their experiences. has received a trust rating of 63 out of 100. While this score isn’t the lowest, it does raise some concerns. A rating in the low-to-mid 60s often suggests that users have reported neutral to negative experiences on the site. These experiences might include shipping delays, faulty products, poor customer service, or billing issues. While this rating doesn’t label the site as an outright scam, it does urge caution when dealing with

The site’s operators could potentially improve the WOT rating by addressing recurring customer complaints or requesting a manual review from WOT. Nevertheless, this rating highlights the importance of thorough due diligence before making a purchase on

Blocklist Checking

Blocklists are databases that flag websites engaged in malicious or unethical activities, such as spreading malware or running scam operations. Upon checking against major blocklists, it’s reassuring to note that the site doesn’t appear on any of them. This suggests that hasn’t been implicated in any confirmed fraudulent or illegal activities according to these services. However, it’s crucial to remember that some deceitful sites can evade detection for certain periods. Coupled with the relatively low WOT score, blocklist safety provides only mild reassurance and doesn’t entirely confirm the site’s credibility.

Domain Age has been actively hosted since 2009, resulting in a domain age of over 13 years. Most experts consider sites established for over four months as having sufficient longevity to indicate their legitimacy. An exceptionally new domain would be more suspect in terms of dishonest operations. While a decade-long online presence isn’t a guarantee of trustworthiness, it does imply that is more than a short-lived scam site.

HTTPS Security is configured with HTTPS, the protocol that encrypts web traffic to ensure secure communication. This means that payment information and personal data entered on the site are protected from theft or tampering while in transit. Using HTTPS has become an essential security practice for legitimate e-commerce businesses and service providers that handle sensitive customer data. The presence of HTTPS on aligns with standard expectations and indicates that the site’s owners prioritize data protection.

Website Popularity

According to Alexa rankings, holds a global traffic ranking of around #60k. A ranking below 500k suggests substantial website traffic and engagement. While might not be a household name, this level of popularity indicates that the site has likely served a considerable number of customers over time. Sustained traffic of this magnitude would be challenging to achieve through deception alone. However, it’s important to note that even scam artists can attract a high volume of victims for a certain period. Therefore, extra diligence is advisable, particularly when concerns about compatibility exist.

APIVoid Analysis

APIVoid conducts analyses to identify patterns commonly associated with fake online stores. Importantly, APIVoid found no evidence to suggest that is concealing a scam operation based on these behavioral analytics. While false positives are always possible, APIVoid has proven highly accurate in identifying deceptive websites through technical attributes. A clean review from APIVoid adds credibility to, especially when other signals may raise caution.

Domain Location is registered through a U.S.-based domain registrar. While not a guarantee of legitimacy, the fact that the domain is registered domestically suggests a lower likelihood of sophisticated international hacking schemes or deceptive foreign businesses. Statistics indicate that North American domains are generally lower risk compared to certain other global regions. This context contributes an incremental boost of confidence in’s credibility.

Lacking Domain Email

One minor concern is that the WHOIS database does not list an official contact email address uniquely associated with Reputable companies often configure ownership emails that match their domains. While this missing piece of information raises a minuscule additional concern, it’s hardly a dealbreaker. Workarounds are available, and other analyzed factors, thus far, haven’t been outright damning.

Site Recommendations

To conduct further due diligence and continue vetting, consumers can consider the following steps:

  • Research reviews on third-party forums like Trustpilot or Sitejabber.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaint histories related to
  • Look for discussions about on social networks.
  • Inspect the website’s design and content for any amateurish or dubious elements.
  • Contact’s support teams to gauge the quality of their responses.
  • Compare the listed phone and address details with online records.
  • Search for certifications or seals from trade and banking organizations.
  • Be cautious of extraordinary discounts or too-good-to-be-true claims.
  • Thoroughly read and understand the return and refund conditions before making a purchase.
  • Consider paying by credit card to facilitate chargeback disputes if necessary.

Consumers should feel empowered to use multiple open web resources to scrutinize any company before risking their money. A belt-and-suspenders approach is wise, especially when combined signals suggest a potential elevated risk.


In conclusion, the legitimacy of remains a nuanced matter. While there are no definitive red flags indicating dishonest operations, some ambiguity persists after this thorough review. Minor questions arise regarding the site’s trust rating, the absence of a domain-matching contact email, and other marginal indicators.

Proceeding with moderate caution, conducting extra verification steps, and keeping recourse options in mind in case of issues is prudent until more assurance develops over time. Avoiding significant initial investments also helps manage the exposure to risk.

Overall, cannot be conclusively confirmed as entirely legitimate based on the currently available data. It calls for pragmatic vigilance that matches the amount at stake. Continued monitoring of’s reputation may ultimately clarify its trustworthiness. However, until then, it’s wise to remain cautious and conduct due diligence when interacting with the site.

As with any online commercial transaction, prudence is a wise policy when doubts persist, even at a minority level. Diligence through independent fact-finding and the maintenance of prudent consumer safeguards can help balance plausible risks. Vigorously researching protection alternatives like payment methods, return terms, and the company’s contactability establishes readiness for recourse in case of underlying issues down the line.

While doesn’t raise outright alarms or accusations, vigilance matching the amount at stake remains a sensible approach for now. Full confidence or concrete suspicion cannot be justified based on currently accessible information. Only ongoing monitoring of real-world transactions, along with the passage of time, may strengthen confidence in one direction or the other going forward.

In summary, exhibits encouraging signs but falls short of complete legitimacy certification. Variable perspectives prevent definitive conclusions. Achieving complete certainty requires more data accumulation or direct stakeholder verification beyond the scope of this initial evaluation. Continued watchfulness that matches the scale of investment qualifies as a prudent interim strategy.

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