Is a Scam Fashion Store? Detailed reviews

Is a Scam Fashion Store? Detailed reviews
Is a Scam Fashion Store? Detailed reviews

Is a Scam Fashion Store?

In the vast world of online shopping, finding a reputable store can be a challenging task. Among the countless options, has raised some serious red flags that should make any cautious shopper think twice before hitting that “buy” button. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why might not be the safe haven for fashion enthusiasts it claims to be.

Scam Content: A Troubling Start

One of the first warning signs with is the possibility of scam content. The clothes displayed on this website have appeared on numerous other suspicious stores, suggesting that Tiannily might not be the original source of these items. This could mean receiving either low-quality products or something entirely different from what you ordered.

Fake Adverts: A Suspicious Practice

Have you ever wondered why some of the model’s faces on seem to be mysteriously cropped out? It’s a perplexing practice that hints at potential image theft. These cropped images raise concerns about the authenticity of the store, as using images without permission is a clear breach of trust.

Scam Physical Business Address: Hiding in Plain Sight lists its physical business address as 71 rue des Pertuisanes 34000 Montpellier. However, this address has been associated with several scam stores in the past. Such a recurrence of a suspicious address raises a significant red flag, indicating that the people behind might be concealing their true identities.

Negative Customer Reviews: A Chorus of Complaints

A quick online search reveals that numerous customers have voiced their grievances about Some have reported not receiving their parcels after making purchases. These negative reviews are clear indications of potential problems with the store’s operations.

No Customer Reviews on A Missing Piece

Legitimate websites often provide a platform for customers to leave reviews and share their experiences. However, conspicuously lacks such an option. The absence of customer reviews on the website itself raises suspicions and makes it challenging for potential buyers to gauge the store’s reliability.

Suspicious Contact Address: An Email-Only Approach

The sole means of contact listed on is the email address What’s concerning is that emails sent to this address often go unanswered, leaving customers with no effective way to reach out to the store. This lack of communication is a significant red flag for any online retailer.

Lacking Security: A Risky Proposition fails to display trust seals from reputable security providers like Norton or McAfee. Without these seals, customers’ financial and personal information is at risk and vulnerable to online hackers. This lack of security measures further erodes trust in the website.

Discount Offers That Are Too Good to Be True: A Common Scam Tactic

The discounts offered by seem almost too good to be true. High discounts on fashionable items can be an attractive bait used by online scammers to lure unsuspecting buyers. As the saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

Fake Social Media Presence: Concealing Identities

One might expect an authentic online store to have an active and genuine social media presence. However, the social media icons provided on do not lead to its official pages. This lack of transparency about the store’s online identity raises suspicions about its legitimacy.

Trust Score: A Cause for Concern

A quick evaluation of’s trust score reveals that it is alarmingly low. Such a poor trust score should not be taken lightly, and potential buyers are strongly advised to exercise caution and avoid the risk of being scammed.

Plagiarism: Stolen Goods?

It’s evident that the items showcased on have been taken from other websites. This plagiarism raises ethical concerns and further diminishes the store’s credibility.

Should You Buy from

In light of the numerous red flags mentioned above, our recommendation is clear: do not buy from There is a high likelihood that you may not receive the products you ordered, or you could end up with subpar quality items. seems to employ the classic bait-and-switch scam tactic, where enticing discounts lure in unsuspecting shoppers.

How to Verify the Legitimacy of an Online Store

When considering an online purchase, it’s essential to exercise due diligence. Here are some steps you can take to determine if an online store is legitimate:

1. Customer Reviews: Check for reviews and feedback from other customers who have shopped at the store.

2. Domain Registration Details: Look up the domain registration information to see if it matches the store’s claims.

3. Website Security: Ensure the website uses secure connections (look for HTTPS) and displays trust seals.

4. Social Media Presence: Verify the store’s social media profiles to confirm their authenticity.

5. Discount Offers: Be cautious of overly generous discounts that seem too good to be true.

6. Business Address and Contact: Confirm the physical address and ensure there are multiple means of contacting customer support.

7. Image Authenticity: Check if the store uses original images and doesn’t crop model faces suspiciously.

Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Online shopping can be a convenient way to find great deals, but it also comes with risks. Falling victim to fraudulent online stores can lead to financial loss and disappointment. It’s crucial to stay vigilant, research thoroughly, and heed warning signs like those seen with If you’ve been scammed, contact your bank for assistance.

In conclusion, appears to be another questionable online store in a sea of uncertainties. Proceed with caution, and always prioritize your online safety and security.

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Is a Scam Fashion Store?
Is a Scam Fashion Store?

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