is totalav legit or scam? totalav Reviews & complains – Martha

is totalav legit or scam? totalav Reviews & complains – Martha
is totalav legit or scam? totalav Reviews & complains – Martha

Is totalav legit or scam? totalav Reviews & complains – Martha

Features and Compatibility

When considering antivirus software, it’s essential to evaluate its compatibility and features. TotalAV stands out by being compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. This means you can secure all your devices without requiring separate subscriptions for each platform.

TotalAV’s feature set is impressive for an affordable antivirus solution. It includes real-time antivirus monitoring, anti-phishing protection, regular virus definition updates, data breach monitoring, smart scanning options, a VPN, firewall, ad blocker, password vault, junk file cleaner, and a setup manager. Few budget-friendly antivirus options offer such a comprehensive range of features.

Performance and Malware Detection

The core purpose of any antivirus software is to protect your devices from malware. How does TotalAV perform in terms of malware detection and system impact? Our testing revealed some mixed but promising results.

In real-time protection, TotalAV acts swiftly to block known malware files, preventing them from infecting your system. Testing with EICAR test files showed that while one file was detected, others were allowed through. This indicates room for improvement, but overall, it demonstrates competent real-time scanning capabilities.

TotalAV also performs well in terms of scanning speed. A full system scan on our test machine took approximately an hour, and it used minimal CPU and memory resources, resulting in no noticeable slowdowns. This responsiveness is particularly valuable, given TotalAV’s popularity on lower-end systems.

However, TotalAV’s on-demand scanning accuracy lags behind. It detected only two out of seven test malware samples and struggled to fully remove any detected malware. While it’s not flawless, TotalAV’s scanning capabilities hold their own compared to many free antivirus options.

User Experience and Customer Support

A crucial aspect of any antivirus software is the user experience. TotalAV excels in this area. Its interface is clean, intuitive, and beginner-friendly. Users can easily navigate between scan options, reports, and other security tools.

The dashboard widgets provide quick access to essential protections without getting lost in menus. Additionally, helpful online guides are available for users who are unfamiliar with certain features.

We also tested TotalAV’s customer support, which is available 24/7 through live chat. We received a knowledgeable response within minutes. While email support and some online guides could benefit from more clarity, the direct communication channels function smoothly.

Pricing Structure and Transparency

Pricing is a significant factor for many users when choosing antivirus software. TotalAV has traditionally been known for its competitive pricing, starting at just $19 for the first year. However, there has been some ambiguity regarding renewal costs, leading to criticism in past reviews.

Fortunately, TotalAV has addressed this concern by now clearly disclosing auto-renewal at $119 per year. They have also introduced a straightforward 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing for risk-free trials.

With these changes in mind, TotalAV’s introductory offer provides decent protection at an unbeatable price. However, it’s crucial to proactively cancel auto-renewal before the 12 months are up to avoid steep annual fees.

Alternatives to Consider

While TotalAV is a capable budget-friendly option, several competing products offer similar or slightly higher scores in key evaluation areas such as detection rates and interface usability. Here are a few alternatives worth considering:

  • McAfee AntiVirus Plus: Priced slightly higher than TotalAV at $30 per year, McAfee excels in independent testing and provides solid virus definitions, a firewall, and additional online protections.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: Known for consistently earning top scores in detection, false positives, and performance impact. It offers an intuitive interface and costs $40 annually.
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus: Ideal for lower-end PCs due to its minimal system impact and quick scans. It provides basic virus and malware protection at an ultra-low $15 yearly price.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud: This all-in-one security suite safeguards various aspects, from devices and passwords to webcams and finances, alongside antivirus defenses. Although it has a higher $100 annual fee, it is frequently recognized as one of the best solutions.

Conclusion – Is TotalAV Worth It?

After a comprehensive review of TotalAV antivirus software, it’s evident that the service offers robust protection at an affordable price. While it may not lead in every metric compared to pricier competitors, TotalAV provides excellent value for the features it includes.

The compatibility across devices, regular updates, and efficient real-time scanning engine ensure that your devices remain well-protected against malware, viruses, and other online threats. The user-friendly interface guarantees an intuitive experience for users of all skill levels.

When you factor in the unmatched pricing for the first year of service in comparison to the competition, TotalAV stands out as an attractive option for new users. However, it’s crucial to be proactive in canceling the auto-renewal before the annual fees kick in. While there is room for improvement, the steps taken to enhance pricing transparency are encouraging signs of responsiveness to customer needs.

Overall, TotalAV is an easy recommendation for those seeking complete online security without compromising on affordability or usability. It surpasses what free antivirus software can provide and delivers robust security protections. If you’re a budget-conscious buyer in need of antivirus software, TotalAV offers exceptional value in online safety.


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