Is youtag fake or real? Better reviews and complaints ‘23

Is youtag fake or real? Better reviews and complaints ‘23
Is youtag fake or real? Better reviews and complaints ‘23

Explaining Youtag: MLM Marvel or Elaborate Scam?

Youtag, a name that has been circulating in India’s multi-level marketing (MLM) circles, has raised both intrigue and skepticism. While it claims to offer a plethora of services and income opportunities to its members, a cloud of doubt hovers over its authenticity. In this in-depth exploration of Youtag, we dissect its intricate web of operations, from its business model and income plan to its management team, legal compliance, and the myriad of red flags that have left many questioning its legitimacy.

Youtag’s Business Model: The Foundation of Opportunity

Before delving into the intricate details of Youtag’s operations, it’s crucial to understand its fundamental business model. Youtag offers two membership plans: Free and Prime.

  • Free Membership: This allows individuals to sign up without any initial cost and access basic services such as mobile, electricity, and gas bill payments, as well as movie and travel bookings.
  • Prime Membership: To unlock the full potential of Youtag and access income-generating opportunities, members are required to enroll in the Prime membership. This membership comes with an initial fee of Rs. 590.

Youtag operates within the MLM structure, where members have the potential to earn income through various means, including team referrals, service commissions, and direct selling, depending on their position within the referral network.

Decoding Youtag’s Income Plan: The Promise of Prosperity

The core avenue through which Youtag members can generate income is by recruiting others to become Prime members. Here’s a breakdown of the income streams within Youtag’s income plan:

Team Referral Income: Building Your Network

Members stand to earn 50% of the joining amount (Rs. 250) for every direct referral who becomes a Prime member by paying Rs. 590. This referral network extends up to an impressive 20 levels deep, potentially promising substantial returns.

Service Commission Income: Earning Passively

Youtag distinguishes itself by offering a commission ranging from 1% to 10% every time a member or their referral utilizes any service on the Youtag app. The commission percentage varies based on the member’s level within the matrix, offering the allure of passive income.

Direct Seller Referrals Income: Scaling Up Rewards

Members also have the option to become direct sellers and earn Rs. 500 for every direct referral who generates Rs. 1 lakh in business. This compensation structure scales up to a promising Rs. 5,000 for those with 10 referrals, each contributing Rs. 10 lakh in business.

Royalty Income: Climbing the Ranks

Higher-earning members at elevated ranks, such as Diamond and Platinum, have the opportunity to qualify for monthly royalty payments, determined by their rank and the monthly performance of their team.

Incentives and Rewards: Achieving Milestones

Top performers are tantalized with incentives and rewards, ranging from travel packages and electronics to cars, as they achieve specific ranks and volumes.

Questioning Youtag’s Management: The Leadership Conundrum

The foundation of any MLM company’s sustainability lies in strong and ethical leadership. Therefore, it’s imperative to scrutinize the individuals steering the Youtag ship. According to Youtag’s documentation, the management team includes:

  • Chandrabhan Singh Rajawat – CMD (Also claimed to be a lawyer)
  • Kumar Hem Chandra – Director
  • Rohit Sharma – Director
  • Vinod Kumar Prajapat – Director
  • Sarita Singh – Director (Name not mentioned in PDF)

However, several concerns emerge regarding the management team:

  • A practicing lawyer typically cannot hold a full-time position like CMD, according to Bar Council rules.
  • Most directors lack relevant experience in technology or finance, skills essential for scaling a business model of this nature.
  • The omission of one director’s name from their own documentation raises transparency concerns.
  • Background checks have failed to verify the credentials of all individuals listed.

Unless Youtag takes steps to improve corporate governance and bring in leaders with the necessary skills and compliance-related expertise, doubts will persist regarding the company’s long-term success and sustainability.

Evaluating Youtag’s Legal Compliance: The Regulatory Quandary

As with any MLM company, proper legal registration and statutory compliance are imperative. Youtag asserts that it possesses certain legal documents, including:

  • PAN Card
  • GST Registration
  • MCA Certificate with TAN number

However, some reports have cast doubt on the verifiability and accuracy of these documents. Moreover, multi-level marketing is a regulated industry in India, subject to guidelines by the Department of Consumer Affairs. It remains unclear whether Youtag has obtained the necessary direct selling licenses to legally operate its referral-based model.

Without the proper verification of all legal documents from authorized government sources and adherence to direct selling laws, Youtag’s operations raise doubts about their legality.

Challenges with Youtag Services: The Functionality Conundrum

A significant portion of Youtag’s commissions to members hinges on the services offered through its app. However, there have been numerous complaints regarding these services. Many members have reported that services such as movie and travel bookings, or bus ticket reservations, do not function as advertised.

  • Some services displayed different pricing compared to platforms like MakeMyTrip.
  • Others encountered errors or inconsistencies in service delivery.

These issues not only cast doubt on the commission payouts promised to members but also question the viability of Youtag’s income plan and product portfolio.

Red Flags and Unanswered Questions: The Doubt Lingers

While Youtag may present an enticing opportunity on the surface, several glaring red flags remain unaddressed:

  • The presentation emphasizes a dream lifestyle over a legitimate business opportunity.
  • Basic services continue to malfunction even after years of operation.
  • Vague responses to queries regarding government permissions, fund flow, and transparency.
  • Top distributors prioritize aggressive recruitment over the quality of services or products.
  • Lack of information on financials and the source of funds to sustain rewards and payouts.
  • Reluctance to disclose comprehensive backgrounds of all individuals running the company.
  • Unverified claims of affiliation with global organizations.

Until Youtag openly and transparently addresses these concerns, suspicions will persist that it may be a pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM.

Final Verdict – Youtag: Fact or Fiction?

After a comprehensive evaluation of Youtag, comparing it against the standards of a legitimate direct selling business, here is our considered view:

  • The compensation plan and business model heavily rely on constant recruitment and the use of non-functional services, classic hallmarks of a pyramid scheme.
  • The absence of credible management with relevant experience and proper legal documentation raises questions about the company’s intentions and operations.
  • The failure to address major concerns about legal compliance, fund sources, and transparency suggests a lack of commitment to ethical and compliant business practices.
  • Unfulfilled promises and the non-delivery of even basic services after years of presence indicate a focus on recruitment rather than product delivery.

Until Youtag makes substantial and verifiable changes to comprehensively address these issues in a transparent manner, it is more likely that Youtag is an illegitimate MLM scam rather than a genuine and sustainable direct selling opportunity.

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