Lady smoothly professes love to man who lamented being terrible at pricing market

💖 A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Bargaining Skills

In the world of online discussions, a heartwarming story unfolded as a young Nigerian lady smoothly expressed her love for a man who confessed to struggling with bargaining food prices at the market. This tale is a delightful mix of love and practicality.

🤔 A Quirky Question Leads to Confessions

It all began when a social media user posed a quirky question, asking about the most unusual reason people might consider getting married. The responses took an unexpected turn when @jiggyjiggaa candidly shared his desire to marry someone who could take charge of market pricing for him. His reason was simple: his bargaining skills left him feeling cheated by sellers.

😥 Frustration at the Market

In his own words, he expressed his market woes, “I’m tired of sellers cheating me at the market 😭😭😭. I want to get married and stay behind her so, as she’s pricing, I’d be shining teeth. My job will be to go and look for a POS to withdraw the money and be asking for change, ‘Madam said it’s 800, where’s my change?'”

🥰 A Beautiful Response Filled with Love

The story took an unexpected turn when a kind-hearted businesswoman, @jiggyjiggaa, responded. She not only offered to marry him but also showcased her impressive bargaining skills. This talented lady assured him that he would have a companion who excelled in the art of negotiation. “You’re in Abuja, so am I. Not to brag, but I have a forte in bargaining. I run a company that supplies foodstuff to businesses here in Abuja, and most times, I have meetings with my vendors to drive a good bargain. I once priced a bag of crayfish from 145k to 100k. You will enjoy,” she assured.

💑 A Partnership of Love and Expertise

This heartwarming exchange exemplifies how love can manifest in unexpected and practical ways. @jiggyjiggaa found someone willing to complement his skills, making their potential marriage a delightful partnership of love and expert pricing. It’s a reminder that love stories come in all forms and can blossom from the simplest of conversations. 💰👩‍❤️‍👨🛒

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