“Please Tell Me His Location In Ibadan”– Actress Iyabo Ojo Says As He Declare Comedian Remote Wanted Over This (details)

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to social media to declare popular comedian Pastor Remote “wanted” for an intriguing reason. Here’s the scoop:

🎭 A Comedic Encounter

It all started during a comedy skit where Iyabo Ojo and comedian Pastor Remote had an encounter. Something unusual happened in the skit that led to Iyabo making a rather humorous declaration.

💰 Bounty on the Line

Iyabo Ojo playfully accused Pastor Remote of stealing her cap during their encounter. She went on to refer to this cap as her “national treasure.” To add an extra layer of fun to the situation, Iyabo placed a bounty of ₦2500 on Pastor Remote for this cap theft.

🕵️ Seeking Legal Expertise

Iyabo Ojo sought the assistance of her fans and followers by asking them to tag a capable lawyer who could handle a case like this. It’s all in good humor, of course, but she seems quite serious about her cap!

👥 Social Media Reactions

Iyabo Ojo’s post sparked various reactions on social media, with some people suggesting lawyers who could handle this unusual case.

  • Abidemi04 made a playful comment, saying they didn’t want violence in their birth month, just a gift.
  • Uncle_azeez joined in the humor, hinting at calling the police station if anyone had information about the “felon.”
  • Moladeofficial recommended a lawyer named @layiwasabi and expressed eagerness to see how the drama would unfold.

It’s all in good fun, and Iyabo Ojo’s playful declaration certainly adds a dose of humor to the day. 😄🎩💰

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