“Pls everyone rejoice with me”- Actress Laide Bakare celebrates 2-year anniversary of leaving her baby daddy

Laide Bakare’s Double Celebration 🎉❤️

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare is in a celebratory mood, and she has not one but two reasons to rejoice. In an emotional Instagram post, she shared her happiness with her followers and friends. What’s the cause for celebration? Well, it’s a special day because she’s marking two significant milestones in her life.

A Two-Year Journey to Independence 📅

Laide Bakare shared her joy over reaching a two-year milestone since parting ways with her baby daddy, whom she humorously refers to as the ‘Wicked Father.’ This separation marks a turning point in her life, and she expressed her delight and gratitude for the new direction her life has taken during these past two years.

Celebrating Her Son’s Birthday 🎂👦

On this very day, Laide Bakare is also celebrating her son’s birthday, making the day even more special. Her Instagram post reads, “And it’s my son’s Birthday Today 21-10-2023 🕺🏻💃🙏.” This dual celebration is a moment of joy and resilience for her.

A Promising New Book 📖🚀

Furthermore, Laide Bakare hinted at an exciting development. She mentioned that the full details of their reunion after parting ways with her baby daddy are in her upcoming book titled “onBECOMMINGlaidebakare,” which is now ready to hit the bookshelves. It’s a testament to her strength and journey.

Heartwarming Support from Fans and Colleagues 🤗👏

Laide Bakare’s Instagram post has garnered warm congratulations and support from her fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry. They recognize her courage and resilience in overcoming the challenges that life has presented.

In related news, her daughter, Similoluwa, took to social media to express her love and appreciation for her mother on her birthday. She described Laide Bakare as more than just a mom and dad, highlighting her exceptional role in her life. It’s a touching testament to the mother-daughter bond.

These heartwarming celebrations and expressions of love remind us of the strength and love that can thrive even after facing life’s challenges. 🥳❤️📚🌟


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