Samklef stole my laptop and my N1.3M to japa to America – Gov Fayose’s younger brother Isaac reveals – How it happened

Isaac Fayose, the younger brother of ex-Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose, made a shocking revelation in a video, claiming that music producer Samklef stole his laptop and 1.3 million Naira to travel to the USA ten years ago. He believes that Karma is now catching up with the ex-beat producer, alleging that Samklef doesn’t have the necessary papers since he left the country with his money and laptop.

Isaac Fayose went on to say that Samklef is currently stuck in a one-room apartment in the USA and that the music producer will not succeed in life until he refunds the 1.3 million Naira and returns the laptop. He concluded the video with a caption: “Until you return my money and laptop 💻…, no progress for you Samklef.” 😲💰🎵

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