“We have helped Mr Ibu in the past, but since it’s a recurring illness, he has to sort himself out” – Kate Henshaw on behalf of AGN

Kate Henshaw Sets the Record Straight on AGN’s Support 🎭📢

The ever-popular actress, Kate Henshaw, who serves as the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) for the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), steps into the spotlight to address some recent claims about AGN’s assistance to Mr Ibu.

AGN’s Tradition of Support for Members 🤝❤️

Kate Henshaw underscores that the AGN has a long-standing tradition of coming to the aid of its members during times of financial need or health crises. The guild has consistently been a source of support for its talented actors.

Clearing the Air and Setting the Record Straight 🚫🤷‍♀️

Kate Henshaw is on a mission to clarify the misinformation that has been circulating. She confirms that the AGN has indeed been helping Mr Ibu, especially during his health challenges dating back to 2021.

Recurring Illness: A Limitation for Assistance 🔄💰

In the case of recurring health issues, Kate Henshaw points out that there are limitations to the assistance the guild can provide. She explains that it ultimately falls on the individual, in this case, Mr Ibu, to secure additional funds for ongoing health needs.

The essence of her message is clear: AGN has not abandoned Mr Ibu, and they have been providing support. The challenges associated with recurring illnesses require collective effort and individual responsibility. 🤝🏥💪


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