“Where is his first son?” – Outrage as Wizkid strikes a pose with his children without Bolu

Wizkid’s Family Photos Stir Controversy 📸

Superstar Afrobeat artist Wizkid Balogun has recently faced criticism for sharing beautiful pictures from his mother’s funeral that feature him with his kids but exclude his first son, Bolu. This move has raised eyebrows and garnered attention from netizens.

The Controversy Unfolds 🤔

Many have pointed out the absence of Bolu in the photos, and some even mentioned the apparent cold reception they observed during the burial event. It’s clear that Wizkid’s decision to feature his other children but not Bolu has sparked discussion.

A Glimpse into Recent Events 📆

Wizkid had been relatively private following his mother’s passing, but after the conclusion of her burial, he returned to social media and shared striking images from the funeral. Notably, a picture featured the children he shares with his manager, Jada Pollock, while Bolu was missing from the frame.

Public Reactions and Questions 🗣️❓

This choice hasn’t gone unnoticed by the public. Here are some reactions:

  • virtous_sinner expressed love for Wizkid but pointed out that the picture felt incomplete without Bolu.
  • QueenDoris16 raised the question of Bolu’s absence.
  • ClaraRicha63327 noted that Wizkid often showcases these particular children, seemingly overlooking others.
  • Vypereal shared thoughts on Bolu’s place in the family dynamics, especially as a middle-born child.

The situation has ignited discussions about family dynamics and public appearances for celebrities. People are sharing their views and questioning the choices made in these photos. 😮🤷‍♂️


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