“You wey dey squirt for mouth” Verydarkman blows hot as Carterefe challenged him online

Social Media Showdown: VeryDarkMan vs. Carter Efe 📲🥊

A Heated Online Exchange 🔥

Comedian and skitmaker Carter Efe recently took to Instagram Live to launch a critique against online activist VeryDarkMan. This lively online spat caught the attention of many.

VeryDarkMan’s Counterpunch 💬

In response, VeryDarkMan didn’t hold back. He hit back with humor and pointed comments. He questioned the nature of their interaction, particularly in light of Carter’s comments about his appearance.

Challenging the Impact 🎤

VeryDarkMan wasn’t just trading words; he raised questions about Carter’s societal influence. He compared his own achievements, particularly in the skincare industry, to Carter’s and challenged him to take similar actions.

A Millionaire’s Hug 🤗💰

To counter Carter’s claim that he smelled bad, VeryDarkMan shared a video of himself hugging Davido, emphasizing that a millionaire wouldn’t embrace someone with an unpleasant odor.

A Reflective Conclusion 🌟

Wrapping up the video, VeryDarkMan shifted the focus to life’s priorities. He stressed the importance of appreciating each day, given the reality that some friends have passed away. He conveyed a message of living in the moment. 🌤️🤝


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